Andrea Gibbs
From Souchi
806 NW 23rd

Andrea spends 40-plus hours a week people-watching at a boutique that sells hand-loomed cashmere clothing, baby gear, and accessories by local designer Suzi Johnson. She knows what she's talking about:

DO wear chunky belts over sweaters: "And I mean at your natural waist. Wearing belts low on the hips is over. Electroclash '80s is done but the Boho '80s is happening full force."

DO wear metallic leather: "It comes in all colors, and gold is the best. I see this fabric looking really good on accessory bags, belts, and shoes."

DO wear boots: "Cowboy boots are great and leather riding boots on guys are sexy."

DO take care of your skin, guys: "Just because you're a guy doesn't mean your skin can be blotchy and gross. I want it to be smooth and glowing—but not metrosexual."

Mix it up: "Don't be afraid to mix colors, fabric, and prints. Here's my fantasy example: a cashmere dress over a tissue cotton T and denim jeans."

Logan Lynn
From Red Light (the new one)
1111 SW Stark

Logan's happy to be doling out fashion advice again—even though his last interviewer embarrassingly quoted him as saying "colors that go POW!" Recover yourself with some fashion don't its, Logan!

DON'T pierce below the belt: "Sucking metal is totally played."

DON'T wear pleated pants: "They were never cool, and they still aren't."

DON'T fear color: "You don't have to wear all black and be a total junkie to live in Portland, believe it or not."

DON'T remove body hair: "It's manly and manly is good! This is only for guys though, so keep plucking, waxing, and shaving, ladies."

DON'T wear unfitted clothes: "As your body goes through changes, allow your wardrobe to change as well. Getting fat sucks, but being in denial about it sucks worse."