Everything as Fuck

Fuck Josh Ostrovsky


Thanks for the lowdown on this lowlife fuck.
Yikes! I hope he hasn't stolen "FUCK KALE" yet.
What a finely handcrafted soapbox you are standing on; sir. There should be honor among thieves at least. I suppose that is why socks and oranges sometimes make a pairing. Anyway: love your rants. Thank you for this one, it made a great summer snack.

Funny thing, though, I'd never heard of this schmuck before he became infamous. I guess I'm a little out of the mainstream.

Being original still doesn't pay as well as stealing the other guy's shit. Same as it ever was.
not only does he not give credit where credit is due, he actually REMOVES credit by cropping photos that somebody has water stamped with their site or twitter handle. seriously, fuck this dude.
He should also be called out for sharing some super gross racist and sexist jokes on his accounts.