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Come Correct


I agree with everything you said except Amy Schumer does not belong on the list. She is not funny, all she jokes about is being too fat to be hit on. That's not comedy that is self deprecation. She does not belong in the ranks of Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld or even the stereotype mongering of the Blue Collar Comedy boys. Amy Silverman is a f****** comedy goddess by comparison.I'd still rather see her be president than Donald Trump but that's a narrow margin and it still plays to ignorant Americans choosing shock over humor or certainly reality.
any list of stand up comedians that doesn't include lewis black is defective.
Some college campuses, or at least a handful of individuals on college campuses, have gone overboard. And I'm a pretty god-damn progressive individual - I hate the phrase "politically correct" because it's mostly been used as assholes who want to be racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced while being extremely thin-skinned towards criticism towards themselves.

But yeah, Ian's right. There are still plenty of comedians that do plenty fine at college campuses. And some asshole can still become a millionaire using a hand-puppet of a skeleton in a turban. People calling you out on being a racist asshole doesn't prevent other racist assholes from paying money to see you. If you have an audience, you have a career.
Ian Karmel is fat and stupid and not funny.