There is a duty devolving upon the mothers of this city which they seem very slow in performing, and that is in the attention they ought to give to the character of the associates their young daughters are selecting. It is no uncommon thing to see on the back streets of our city almost every evening, some young girl, scarcely fifteen, in the company of a man at least thirty years of age, and oftentimes it is one whose nose is so red from the effects of whisky that it would answer for a signal lantern on the grand trunk railway to despair.

Company of this character broods the young girl no good, and from the silly actions of the pair it is very easy to see what the end of these evening walks will be. The attention of the mothers is called to this, for we do not believe they understand what company their young daughters are keeping and it is to be hoped they will use a trifle more caution in allowing them to go out nights unattended by some male member of the house, especially when the tempter is lurking around watching his opportunity to ruin all he can.

The Mercury--June 8, 1883