Kalah Allen
Hi. I bus tables. I run food. That is what I do. You are an actor. You are a fucking Hollywood trash dickhead actor. Sure, I once admired you for your talents. Legends of the Fall, for instance, or better yet, Benny & Joon! Well, those used to be two of my favorites, until you came in and treated me just like some pretty piece of shit who was nothing more than the silent bringer of food things. "Fetch, base peasant!! Remain invisible!!!" demanded your cold visage. Well, Mr. I-Totally-Rode-Madonna's-Coattails-to-Recognition Quinn: I went the special mile to treat you with the utmost kindness and respect. I kept all the giggling girls at bay, and not one soul in the building requested an autograph. But, when I came with your salad, you literally SHOOED me away, as though nothing more than a fly. And $6 on a $55 tab? YOU CHEAP-ASS SHIT!! That's all you movie-star fuckers are! Think twice next time you visit here, Quinn! Instead of fresh black pepper, I'll offer to grind your teeth on the FUCKING SALAD!!!!