All the Way: Never headed, always in front.

Always Close: Maintained 1-2 lengths behind the leader.

Beat the Box: Breaks faster than the others to establish a big lead.

Blocked: Shut off when trying to move up.

Bumped: Bumped out of place by another dog.

Came Again: Moved up after dropping back.

Crowded: Happens on breaks and turns when a jam occurs.

Drove Through: Made persistent effort, overcoming obstacles.

Early Flash: Was near front in early stages of the race.

Final Stride: Won race in final stride.

Forced Wide: Forced out by another greyhound.

In and Out: Runs wide and inside during a race.

Just Lasted: Barely hung on to win.

Left in Box: Did not break. Removed from box after other dogs started.

Rail: Inside portion of track.

Saved Ground: Ran on inside for most of the race.

Was Best: Left no doubt as to superiority.