Untitled Document PRIDE NORTHWEST
Announces Their "Pick the Gay Theme" Contest!

The organizers of Portland's annual Gay Pride festivities are looking for the perfect "theme" for GAY PRIDE 2001! That's why they're sponsoring a contest in which the winner will receive a free weekend at Anthony's Cabin and RV Park at the Coast. Send your idea for a theme by Nov 1, to Pride Northwest, PO Box 6611, Portland, 97228-6611, or email it to PRIDENORTHWEST@USA.NET.

The Mercury is pleased to support Portland's community, and we have some suggestions of our own for the perfect theme!

• Our Sexuality in an Age of Increasing Indifference

• Roth IRA: Is it for You?

• Who Would Jesus Do?

• O.J. Simpson: All-American

• Who Needs to Sleep? A Salute to Crystal Meth

• Out of the Bushes, Into the Boardroom

• Gay: It Means Two Things Y'know

• Hermaphrodites: Gay or Straight?

• We're Here, We're Queer, We're Gay White Men

• Queer Sex: It's Not Just for Perverts Anymore

• Queer Window

• Gore/Lieberman 2000

• Come Together, Right Now

• Dude. That's Some Harsh Shit.

• The Wind Beneath My Wings

• I Got this Totally Great Sweater at Abercrombie

• Eat My Ass You Faggot Fucks

• Lon Mabon is a Big Fat Homo

• Derrida: A Discursive Exploration of Semiology, Incorporating Lacan, Shakespeare, and Chomsky's Theories of Linguistics

• The Prevention and Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis

• Someone Needs to Get Serious About His Work-Out Routine