One (1) partially-eaten ham sandwich: Consumed
One (1) prophylactic wrapper: Destroyed
Two (2) Odwalla Monster C bottles: Destroyed
One (1) Revlon lipstick: Consumed
One (1) Camel Lights Hard Pack Box: Destroyed
Three (3) Camel Lights cigarettes: Consumed
One (1) Bic pen (blue): Destroyed
One (1) Bic pen (red): Destroyed
Four (4) eggshells mixed with coffee grounds: Consumed
Two (2) three-day old pork chop bones: Consumed
One-half (1/2) bag of Red Hots candy: Consumed
One (1) L.L. Bean catalog Destroyed/Partially: Consumed
One (1) Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream container: Consumed
One (1) City of Portland parking ticket: Destroyed
One (1) block spoiled Gorgonzola cheese: Consumed

"What Billy Found in the Garbage" is a weekly column featuring an itemized list of food and objects that Billy found in the garbage. It is not meant to promote the practice of dogs eating out of the garbage, or act as suggestions for what dogs should be consuming, either in or out of the garbage. The Portland Mercury presents "What Billy Found in the Garbage" as a service to our readers, and accepts no responsibility for what Billy or any other dog consumes, destroys or finds in the garbage.