Sin Cinema


Here, here! Thank god, I'm not the only one who's finding the general lack of theatre etiquette in this town more than a little annoying. Though it's a waste of gas and an astonishing $15/ticket, I've begun going solely to Cinetopia up in the 'Couve for 1st-run flicks... their 21+ "living room theatres" are worth the trek and price. No more do I have to listen to giggling "tweens" or idiot parents shushing their screaming toddlers. Granted, nothing will stop grown-ups from having poor cell phone judgement or being disruptive themselves, but at least I've cut down on a large percentage of what irks me at the movies.
I disagree. To often I buy a $3 ticket and a beer expecting public urination and profanity. If I wanted to sit in silence in a movie theater I'd do it sober at three in the afternoon.
I'm not asking complete and utter silence... hell, if it was a crime to lean over and comment on something to a friend, I'd be guilty about a hundred times over. Laugh, gasp, react to the film as an impulse. But my issue is with people who quite clearly are not intent on really even watching the film, and could give a damn about the others around them.
Why should the misbehavior of Portlanders watching movies be any worse than their behavior watching bands? PDX is loaded with self-righteous little twits madly in love with the sound of their own voice bouncing off of closed ears.
God I'm clever.
idiot parents. that's funny.
Twice now I've been to see the Dark Knight and someone had a screaming baby.. why would you bring a baby to that? I can't think of anything more upsetting for one than to be taken to a strange, dark place full of loud scary noises.