I, Anonymous

Curbin' Farming


Yeah, how dare you connect with your own role in the ecosystem and take up a hobby that eases your environmental impact while hurting no one.

Seriously? What a fucking moron you are, Anonymous.
Self righteous jackasses making a parody of growing their own food for their own self satisfaction does not a role in the ecosystem make. Oh yes, seriously.
The fact that you even care what people do when it does not affect you shows that you are the self-righteous jackass, matt.
Oh my god someone wants to grow their own food! That's equivalent to domestic terrorism.
Domestic terrorism alert!
I loved the "strapping on my tool belt" image ...
Fuck you. The less I spend on tomatoes, the more I can spend on drugs and hookers.
For some reason I think that this article is about curb farming, which is the practice of taking the land between the sidewalk and the street that is normally a useless pace of grass that you have to mow, and planting it full of useful things.

(It also makes it difficult for your neighbors to park on the street in front of your house because they can't open their car doors because your raised beds are in the way. And I think that is pretty cool in it's own right. I might be willing to plant strawberries in the front yard, just because nobody would complain about strawberries blocking their doors, but they might if it was kale.)
Come one, come all and read what could be the most confused 'Anonymous' posting of all time. Hey, Anyonymous...pull your head out of your ass and roll on back to Beaverton.
In Beavertron we call this "gardening," and it's not a big deal.
let's dance...put on your red shoes and dance the blues.
I for one welcome our new Chicken overlords.
This is our Portland vignette:

A) Some yuppie wants to plant their own carrots and raise chickens because that's what yuppies do in Portland these days.

B) This makes someone indignant enough to write a letter.

C) This letter makes a host of people indignant enough to write bitchy comments.

Rinse and repeat. Welcome to Portland.
Reminds me of the Community Garden Gardeners I see who drive to their plot, bring there gas powered roto-tiller, buy all kinds of soil/wood/materials from home depot, and water it until the Tabor reservoir is empty, just so they can tell there "progressive" friends how they grew a tomato or two. Yeah, real "green" people.
I'm not sure I totally agree with you there, and yet I couldn't keep myself from laughing a little. Maybe this is because your little rant is such an apt social commentary, observational comedy if you will, which is probably what your aim is anyway.

Kind of reminds me of a rant my friend had the other day about low rise jeans and how they are so inappropriate on plumbers and yet so sheik on the club hopping teenager. And for that matter isn't there a certain amount of hilarity in the fact that we tried so hard to obliterate the hip hugging taper-legged jeans that girls were wearing in the 80s only to have adolescent emo boys bring back the fashion?

Anyway see...social commentary. You can't take it serious.