I, Anonymous

Sweat Revenge


Seems like I recall a lot of these bodily-fluid-revenge ones, including one just a few weeks back. If you've read one you've read them all. If they're not jotted down by someone fictitiously, they might as well be.
"Someone acted like a jerk so I exposed them to my [insert bodily fluid] and they never realized it -- until now!" Wow -- daring, righteous, and scandalously amusing!
This reeks of bs...
...and passive aggressive! Why didn't you say anything to him in person? He was right there! You're obviously happy with yourself for getting back at him - but you should just be ashamed that you didn't have the balls to confront him to his face.
Once, at band camp, this homophobic counselor called me a fag, so, I snuck into his cabin at 1 am the next morning, and, with my stealth ninja moves, gave him the best head of his life. He came twice and never woke up. I spit the cum on his belly and then left him a note, with a nice Sharpie pen (with permanent ink)....."Thanks for the jizz phoby, luv ya, the fag in your shorts." The next day, he asked all the campers if anyone had a Sharpie. I laughed HARD!!! I got him good. ;0)
(this is almost as believable as the ball sweat story in this issue)
this reminds me of a douche I once had a date with (he was also working the door at a club). I went down on him and then he started to go down on me but stopped. I pushed him down there again and he pulled away. I told him that it was only fair that he do me like I did him. He said that I wasn't very "fresh" and should probably douche. He zipped up and left.
Last weekend I'd been dancing with friends and bar hopping. We ended up at the club he was working at. I watched him and when he stepped out to talk with some guy, I the pack of smokes from his jacket. It didn't take long, as I wasn't wearing panties, to thoroughly dampen the filter tips on his cigs with my "not so fresh" lady fluids. I put them back int the pack and slipped it back into his jacket. When we left the club, he was standing outside smoking one of those "not so fresh" smokes. Vengeance was all mine.
Remember this douches. When you tell a lady to douche, make sure that she's the type who always wears panties and isn't into revenge.
Revenge porn!
what he said.
haha..you stupid fucks don't believe IA did this? ha! i bet you also don't believe that us people in the food industry dont do the same damn thing to your food, or worse, when you don't tip! so naive...
Exactly. Who gives a damn if you stuck your ball sack in someones water bottle. The bouncer dude probably ate a health portion of piss, cum, spit or what have you during his Burgerville break before your show. You should have punched him in the dong instead and took your hundred bucks back. You brother could have gotten a new ID for 25 from DMV.