I, Anonymous

Whack Attack


On what facts does Anon base the assertion of the so-called offender carrying "myriad STD's?"
What a jack-off! Ha HA!
Are you sure he wasn't just shaking a bottle of Yoo-hoo!...with his penis?
Um... look away from the dude whackin' it; give him some privacy, Jesus! You're the Peeping Tom in this case.
Seriously, why would anyone continue to stare at something they SUPPOSEDLY find so vulgar, vile and reprehensible? I find your actions almost as disturbing as the guy rubbing one out in public.

You were probably digging the whole spectacle but can't let yourself believe just how much you enjoyed it, sicko.

Expect this story to go into high rotation at all I, Anonymous's trashy panache, hipster dinner parties. "And then! I looked over and OMG!....canyoubelieveit?PDXissowyrd! I even wrote the PortMErc about it...I think I may have a copy of it in my hat pocket. Here look!"
Fuck you, disastronaut. Seriously. You obviously have no idea what it feels like to be violated. No one should have to see that on the MAX. What you said is reminiscent of telling a rape victim she probably enjoyed being raped, but just doesn't want to admit it. And this is coming from someone who HAS been raped. Enjoy going through life being a heartless piece of shit. I'm sure that'll work out for you.
masturbation is a normal part of life.
Oops. Sorry about that, Anon.
Disastronaut IS a fcking rapist!!!!
GIT 'im hyper sensitive liberal under dog uber victim!
GITTT 'immm!
Seriously, hang that rapist bastard's nuts from the tallest tree in Portland!
My first thought was to look away. If you felt like that would play into his fethish, then you yell on the max "omg, that dude is whacking it over there!!! *giggle*" so the whole max riders look and laugh.

But look away if it doesn't float your boat. I've seen some pretty wild crap in Portland and the look away technique is my first defense. (aka watching some drunk lady make a pee fountain into a storm drain.) It was funny though, lol
I saw this same guy a month or two ago. I wonder if it was the same time or if the guy makes a habit of it.
This week I have to go with the penis flavored Yoo Hoo comment!
I cant believe I'm still here.I guess I'm waiting for a cool thing to happen.You are so out of it man.Stupid *hit man.You must be "In th click"permanately or there are no better things to write about.My guess is your the best damn thing that happened to The Mercury.If thats it............SHIT !!!!!
I think you liked it?
If it was that disgusting why didn't you vomit on him? I bet that would have made him lose his boner. I know if I saw a guy beating off on the max.... No, I guess I wouldn't have vomited on him, but I probably would have very loudly told him what I thought about the situation he'd just put me in. Probably would have called him several unsavory names, called his parent's names, for raising such a mannerless piece of shit and possibly thrown something at him. THEN I would have went home and wrote about it on the Internet... Some people are just easy victims....
oh man; that is traumatizing.
I've found that the unwanted display of penis can be easily discouraged with a hearty laugh. Nothing deflates unnecessary public boners faster.

And, no, you weren't "violated" - he didn't touch you, make you touch him, follow you, take your wallet, assault you or do anything but react to *you* looking at *him*. Calling that being 'violated" is disrespectful to people who've actually experienced serious violence.