I, Anonymous

Pho No!


You continued to eat soup with fleas (probably beetles, but still) in it?? Then you went *back* to a place that tried to serve you insects that weren't on the menu and this time you got a maggot? Why are you writing on I, Anonymous and not calling the health department? For gods sake, imagine the disgusting rat and roach and fly infested kitchen they must have. Turn them in!!
Yeah, don't complain. Turn 'em in. You'll be doing them and their customers a favor.
This is so lame and so fake... Did marjorie skinner write this?
Fleas, maggots, and racial minorities? Maybe the mercury can make them next weeks cover art
Geez, talk about a white whine.
"Geez, talk about a white whine."

LOL! White whine, i'm soo stealing that!
Hey look at it this way, extra protein. Many of you could use it, and it might be the future of food (bugs that is...quite common in Asia and many African nations