I, Anonymous


Even considering the usual level of lameness of I, Anonymous, this week's was particularly lame. Why can't we have Drunk of the Week instead? It's the best thing about The Stranger.
most of us give it a little saliva thumb-scrub and head back out to the bar.
Fuck. This is the stupidest shit ever.
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Mercury, I demand an explanation. This is the worst I, Anon I have read. This had better be a late April Fool's joke. If this is really the best thing that came in to I, Anon, you might as well shut the fucker down. And replace it with Worst. Night. Ever.
I patiently await the arrival of someone who actually shares this pressing concern with you, Anonie.

BokChoy's comment wins, by the way.
If you always leave shit-streaks in the bowl, there is clearly something seriously wrong with your diet. Oh, that and shut up, nobody cares and nobody is going to do this, ever.
Dear Anon,

We are pleased to inform you that you have indeed been selected for the internship position at 60 minutes. Mr. Rooney is looking forward to meeting you and discussing the other great mysteries in life. The agenda includes: why do 24 hour stores have locks? and the always popular how much wood could...
Just plain weird.
I look forward to I, Anon, and usually find it entertaining even when most of the comments are this sucks passive aggressive blah blah blah. But this, and that ghost crap last week, are just horrible. Really bad. Embarrassed-to-admit-I-read-the-Mercury-bad.
Sometimes I get the feeling they choose I, Anon just by which picture the artist wants to draw that week. I appreciate the pictures!
Eat more fiber and you won't have to worry about where they keep the toilet brush.

Put this column out of it's misery already...
Is it just me or is this the funniest shit to hit the Mercury in years? The story, the comments, the picture of Mr. Scrubby peeking out from behind the dusty plastic plant in the corner ... absolute dada perfection.
@13 It's clearly just you...
Holy wow. It's almost just as fun as the article each week to see the freaks who rage out in the comment section here about how each week's I, Anon is lamer than the last, who seem to only want vile, ranting, emotional, insulting diatribes about... I don't know, what?? They obviously don't want to read about legitimate gripes. They sound like Beavis and Butthead: "We want stuff that's cool! Not stuff that sucks!!!" Yawn.

I like this one. I've seen better, but the commentary on the increasingly prim & proper society we live in while the shit hits the fan everywhere else is dead-on. Oddly, having the brush or hiding it is kinda two sides of the same coin, but whatever. That illustration is priceless! :)