I, Anonymous



this made me laugh.
why so angry?
Sounds like he misses his third world country a bit much.
Favorite phrase: "Seriously makes me wanna eat your dogs and shove your hummingbird jizz-coated dreadlocks, your crystals, singing bowls, visas, passports, drums, guitars, and Tibetan prayer flags so far up your pasty pimply ass you shit rainbow gatherings for a decade." I think we've got a screenplay here.
Think he'll tell me what hair products he uses?
Christ, that was every bit as well-written the second time, too.
YAY! It got published!
hippies hate water.
Why so grumpy, Shitwig? You should take that accent and attitude of yours back to your "Third World" nation,(a.k.a. Alabama). You are clearly too legit for the hippies here in Portland.
@disatronaut... "Shitwig" Laugh my ass off. I agree. Go home, stay there, and forget this ever happened to you, shitwig.
couldnt have said it better myself,the hippie culture in portland is the fakest thing i have ever seen,nobody can think forthemselves,same fixed gear bike,same hokey and nostalgiac glasses,chicks dont shave cause some othergirl didnt,the guys wanna be girls,the girls wanna be guys,guys with purses or you call them messengerbags,wanna be bike couriers.nobody has the balls to be original or just themselves.i call em ''urban loggers''the guys with beards and flannels and skinny jeans with vans.you cant even cant figure out who you are.try being yourself.you are even afraid to wear deodorant.how ''cool'' or sleak can you get your fixed gear.somebody has allready done it.not original,and dont get me started about all the tatoos,they are allready looking outdated,20 year highschool reunion your gonna look like a fool.trapped in 2005.ha ha ha i love it. i am a true metalhead,slayer on up.
An angry rasta guy who writes in the voice of an angry white man. good one!
I am a true metalhead, SLAYER on down!
Sounds like your just a bunch of whinny depressed metal heads wasting your time thinking how horrible everyone else is while these "horrible" people are having a wonderful time NOT bitching all the time. Try to not classify people on what pair of jeans they decided to wear, or hairstyle or whatever reason YOU think they do these things and get on with your own life. One thing portland is full of, is passive agressive douche bags that spend more time complaining about things like the weather, gas prices, and other peoplethan they do involved with the community or completing their goals. Its portland for fuck sakes... Play naked in the rain everyday, burn your car and make some friends!!!
IAnonymous took a break from sucking. Win!!!
This Anon seems like a jackass.
Even if you're from a third-world country, you could cut your hair and the hippies would leave you alone.
Good for you, Anon. FUCK HIPPIES!
Please take this I, Anon to heart, you self righteous bullshit dreadie fucks. This is exactly what people think of you and your dogmatic, culture appropriating approach to enlightenment. Not just dem crazy baldheads, but every thinking person on the planet. I know some genuine people with "that look" but most of you are just assholes who live on a pot grower's economy and somehow think that makes you activists when you dont contribute SHIT to society, not even your share of taxes. Die in a fire started by your pot addled mistake of not turning off the stove after making an organic feast, brah.
Your hair wouldn't do that naturally if you bothered to wash it every day just like the fucking hippies!
perfect!! hahahahahahaha
@20 What hippie do YOU know who washes his/her hair on a daily basis?? The "hippies" in Portland smell like filthy B/O and are faker than hollywood tits.
nobodies hair does that naturally if you wash it regularly.