I, Anonymous Mar 8, 2012 at 4:00 am

Daddy Dearest


Ha ha ha ha that makes me laugh so hard I almost pissed my pants!!!!
I get it.... Daddy-O....
The same shit can and does happen when around the folk feeding their hyped up kids on coke and snickers and they are looking at you like your the "crazy one" denying their calm kids all that yummy stuff while horking down hummus and carrots....
Still laughing....
Just ignore it and move on. You just can't win either way.
Finally, an interesting IA! Fitting that it's in an edition celebrating whiny contraceptors, too. "Oh, poor me, I might have to do something other than have endless orgasms all my life." Guys like this will soon run the no-plastic-except-to-wrap-my-schlong childless aging Portlandia types into the sea, as our grandchildren renege on paying Social Security to their self-indulgent STD laden selves, leaving them to starve to death as they watch old re-runs of "West Wing," HAHAHA!!!!
Haw haw, good one! Except that the x-treme left-wing liberal contraceptors won't be starving to death. They're too busy running the media, cranking out their LIES about real Americans, drinking lattes in their liberal limousines, coming up with new sex acts and new ways to redefine marriage, having orgasms and catching STDs from using condoms, and composting food scraps like queers, while they're SUPPOSED to be having children and burning fossil fuels and eating meat and potatoes and apple pie!
move yourself and that ugly ass kid outta portland and you ll be alright .. or you should go ask your doctor if it s too late for an abortion .
Still laughing..... Yes,maybe Portland isn't for this guy..... Maybe try the mid west...compost and recycling unheard of and would hate to try to eat there, let alone have a decent conversation...
Still laughing....

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