I, Anonymous Aug 2, 2012 at 4:00 am

Start Packing


too bad those white trash redneck fucks don't read this column [ they live in clackamas county ] . and prolly don't have a computer . or know how to read .
We lost half the spots I had access to growing up on the Washougal because of asshats like that. Why? Because most of them were private and people were sharing them out of goodness, but not to be trashed. I saw people leave their diapers on rocks in the middle of the river. I was too shocked to react that time, but if I see it again there will be a diaper to the head. I don't care if this isn't fully anonymous.
Used tampons, diapers, empty beer cans...it's like the fucking Ganges on some of these rivers.

People are sick.
I'll tell you who it is - it's the damn Ruskies. Every Summer I go camping on Mount Hood the Russians are shitting in the woods! "Da, make little Putin in woods."
- The Venerable Bean.

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