I, Anonymous

Pavement Pounding


Newsflash: the supply of young hipsters exceeds the demand. We are building lots of one bedroom apartments with leaks and no parking for you to sit in before you leave for greener pastures. Have you noticed that all the new businesses in close-in NE/SE are tattoo parlors
or eateries? There are no real jobs. If you feel really down and want to end it all- just volunteer for Operation Nightwatch.
Take the black and head for the wall, son. Seriously, there are no jobs at all in Portland, and this place is so passive aggressive sissified, do you really think that a prospective employer is going to do the decent thing and tell you you didn't get it? Hell no! So just flood the market with your resume, go to every interview and patiently wait and wait by the phone. Or move to Seattle, where they at least know how to conduct business as far as the west coast goes.