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Fit Issues


Here is a suggestion if you want to lose weight: 1) walk instead of drive. 2)don't eat within 3 hours of going to bed. 3) Lay off the soda and the sugar. 4) don't eat at macdonalds. 5) go to 24 hour fitness or another gym that doesn't cater to angry fatsos. 6) do something about it instead of bitch at folks who are doing something.
u missed the point- its not that she has a belly, its that she's super tall, too.
At that height, she is BARELY overweight. Anyone with a body that doesn't fit clothes on the rack is made to feel like there is something wrong with them, rather than the clothes. Seriously, clothes in the mall are made to fit a certain average physique. They are mass produced to fit the most amount of people in order to maximize profits. If you are a statistical outlier, too fat/thin/tall/short, people tell you to lose or gain weight. Luckily most are not silly enough to tell you to grow or shrink in height, just to fit some stupid clothes.

My advice is, screw the jeans at the mall. Jeans are boring anyway. Learn how to sew, get a nice sewing machine, and make yourself some rocking clothes that were designed to fit your unique body. You could even sew some jeans if you want. Get a beadazzler, and you have Forever 21 beat! Or, you could find a nice seamstress. Clothes should be made to fit you... you should not have to torture yourself to fit clothes. How backwards is that?
The days of one-size-must-fit-all may be numbered. With new techniques in body scanning and computer-assisted design, someday we might all get a custom fit.
that david bowie song about blue jeans nailed it:

blue jeans, you really make my ass look big, blue jeans you really get me to the church on time.

im commenting about something here we all care about. The look that you want is more important than the look you achieve. If you give a monkey a mirror at the zoo will he really come out of his shell? The girl is 5 feet 9! thats in centimeters not inches i really believe lol. If she wants to be the best looking woman on the street its all about flaunting it and yes maybe getting a sewing machine. Not that anybody uses those anymore, if you sew you are probably amish and those people dont wear clothes they wear customized potato sacks. They are the ultimate portland hipsters i believe. That about sums it up now if we can move on to the next iAnonymous about the guy that trained his crows to shat upon his neighbors BMW we will become quite animated. Stephen Humphrey told me he tried to interview that iAnonymous but the police intervened and cited the man for violent passive agressiveness third degree. If that was me i would have wrote a blog about it and then self published. The biggest factor in success these days isnt how your jeans fit but rather it is about how well your self aggrandizement fits the nature of the media outlet you are abusing. You with me? The other thing Stephen Humphrey told me is that Chaz Bono and a pack of dwarves came to the mercury office last week just to say hi. Everybody cool is moving to portland isnt it cool?
The Bowie thing made me laugh but look at all those god damn words.
Hands down Lamest fucking iAnon post EVER!!
Are you kidding me? Never heard of shopping online? I am 6'3" and I have so many jeans that are too long, it's incredible.

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