I, Anonymous

Needs Grammar


That was the stupidest I anonymous I have ever read. This person is an annoying bitch. Nobody leaves out the 'to be' unless they're fresh off the boat (in which case is totally understandable). The person that wrote this needs shot.
Alot of the words that you said people screw up- are said that way just for fun. When I am talking hillbilly, I say crick instead of creek. I also say motorsickle because it's funny. It sounds like you are confusing foreigners ability to use prepositional phrases, with just plain goofing around with the English language. Yet another Portland gasbag.
The sentence: "Is it Medford these people needs go to?" ends in a preposition.
Heres the problem Sara Hamill
If you make that face too much it will stay that way. Your mama said that.
And when you talk that way, even joking, it perpetuates.
Reminds me of this ginger chick in high school Perpetua perpetually asking people to call her Perpetua instead of Pet just to be difficult I suppose. Well one day there was a fire and she didnt get out in time because of the roll call confusion she herself caused. Perpetua survived but im just saying she would trade the skin grafts now for any name at all even Shithead. So caution yourself when you take liberties with the english language you may end up dancing like napoleon dynamite.
Canadian grammar nazis? Is this the best I Anon this sorry rag could muster up this week?

Also, "needs washed" and similar tense-mangling phrases are hallmarks of the Pittsburgh dialect. In a city where everyone is from somewhere else, how you gonna rant against "Portland Grammar"?
whoever posted this I, Anonymous needs spanked. I remember my friends stepdad correcting our grammar when we were about 8 years old. And even then, we knew he was an asswipe for thinking grammar correction was good "parenting". Grammar police are about at fun as hemorrhoids.
"This needs shipped" sounds like the start of a sentence. It doesn't sound as as bad as the others, really. I gotta side with the author on "motoesickle"....wtf.