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Empathy Assistance


So this person is obviously unaware what a service animal actually is and that many disabilities are what are referred to as invisible-disabilities. While I'm sure there are those abusing the service animal privilege there are likely many more that could use them.

This person could have nicely asked what the animal was needed for, but it's much easier to assume and not interact with another dirty human.
why is home depot a god damn dog park now?
"Therapy animals" are not service animals, and I don't rightly care what ordinance says otherwise. Just because people are too afraid of offending someone or being slapped with a discrimination lawsuit doesn't excuse that people are abusing the law.

It's an excuse for mentally and emotionally defunct people to call attention to themselves. Unless I see a bright-as-hell orange-or-otherwise noticeable vest with "SERVICE ANIMAL/GUIDE DOG" on it, you're simply milking your "invisible disabilities."
Who the hell cares, there are birds living in and shitting all over the place in some of your favorite stores. They live off the bulk grains, too. Let's not even mention the rats and mice.
I put dark glasses on my dog. We go everywhere. Anybody asks, I say I am his service person. Works.
Service horses and pigs are a real thing. Look it up.
And dogs are totally allowed at Home Depot so there's no need to pretend it's a service animal. But I do agree about animals in places that sell food- only when necessary!
I love this IA!!!! I saw someone at the airport with a "therapy dog" that was one of the worst behaved dogs ever. Jumping up on the owner, trying to jump on every passerby. This is your first clue that a dog is not really a therapy dog. Only a tiny fraction of all dogs have the temperament to be therapy dogs. And the ones that do are TRAINED and obedient.

And btw, I just asked about this at Home Depot recently and they are not, in fact, allowed. They used to be but a few years ago they put an end to that because too many dogs were peeing on stuff.

And just for the record: No, I don't hate dogs or any animals. I have a dog and two cats but i have the common sense to leave them at home where they belong, or to only take my dog to appropriate outdoor public places.
I am standing and applauding right now. As a commuter who takes the Max every day, I say, leave Mr. Snookums at home, so the rest of us can ride public transportation in peace. Why does your damn dog have to take up a seat on an already-crowded train during rush hour because you've chosen to give it the moniker "service animal" and drag it around with you everywhere, dressed in a pink tutu? Newsflash, it's not cute, it's pathetic, and so are you.
Hey assholes, here's the deal:
Service Animals are trained to do certain tasks for their disabled person. You need to start with a very particular type of dog, then continue to train it as long as you have it.
Therapy Pets are for people with such problems as social anxiety, PTSD, etc. If you can't empathize with that, you're a total dick.
People who fake it with vests that aren't earned are also dicks.