I, Anonymous

One Who Got Away


You will die alone methinks. Cold and sad and old and gross and alone. GOOD.
I certainly hope it's fake, because if it's not this person is a straight up sociopath.
David, if you wrote this article, I think you're a fucking idiot. What you did to the women you've dated is terrible. I hate that Ruben and I where ever friends with you. If it's not David, you're still a fucking idiot for believing that you're making anyone happy at all.
I think my comment was deleted because I know who wrote this. Otherwise, it's a huge coincidence.
Sounds like one of my ex's
Whoa. If this is the David I'm thinking of I don't think he's smart enough to have written this.

You're welcome.
The douche is strong in this one. I feel sorry for his mother.
Hart Noecker much?
Pay Attention Ladies... Most of them are like this, Anonymous is just being honest about it. Cowardly, but honest.
It wasn't me! I swear! We aren't all douches! Some of us are just mild enemas.
Dude, you are a fucking sociopath! Strange that you feel the need to gloat anonymously on the Internet about all your "other women". You are clearly over-compensating for something...
Its written ironically. It sounds like something an angry abused ex of this person worte about them.
If you're incapable of actually liking someone, you can find a fun and consensual one night stand once and a while. If you're incapable of finding a one night stand, you can con and lie and pretend to be someone you're not just to get laid. If he's proud of himself, there's no pride in being a lair and a thief.
The self righteousness on here is appalling. Yes this guy is a dishonest jerk, with mild sociopathic tendencies. The average person lies 300 times a day, without hesitation. Example; How are you, even though you feel like shit, or may be going through a personal crisis, you state you are fine. The ladies I've dated in Portland are the worst, at least the ones I experienced. They were all deviant, objectifiers. I'm extremely open minded, and accept the human condition. So for me to say such a thing is rare. This dickhead is just telling the truth, and being honest about his game. Most of us have done this, and learned it is wrong, and harmful. Many, both men, and woman do this til they end up alone. It's very common. Besides, when did Portland develop any morals?
"Hart Noecker much?"

No, wouldn't have the insight into himself or honesty to write something like this. Neither would the vast majority of the people who act in the way the I/A is describing... which in this city is not a small amount of people.

I mean, that says something for him, if oh so little.
" The average person lies 300 times a day, without hesitation"
This lie is actually a better example than your example.
You're that proverbial douche last boyfriend we occasionally hear about
What women would not have wanted to abort that fetus...