I, Anonymous Sep 2, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Dying or Aging?


welcome to portland and thanks for shitting on us!
"Everyone's youth and good old days die when they get older?" Fuck that! I AM going to be old guy at the show. I won't be pretending that I'm still 20, but I will still be having a great time. Go sit at home and talk about gutters or something if that's all you're good for, but just because I have more energy than you doesn't mean I'm delusional.
Counteroffer: How about I continue to have interests and you go fuck yourself? How does that grab you?
This writer has obviously never been to a 21+ show in Portland. Half of the audience at most of these shows are over 35 (or look it, drugs are bad m'kay). I assume you are 20 I, Anon. Live and learn... how not to be an asshole.
As long as you're still mining the same indie culture that we invented 25 years ago, you probably should get used to crossing paths with us.
And what bands do you listen to today? There aren't many Satyricon places type places (i.e intersting rock and roll clubs) because it doesn't sell. And if you weren't there, it was interesting, innovative and exciting up until, well, people like you started coming along.

Portland has a rich history of music. People, like you, who probably think Modest Mouse is pretty neat probably don't know about it. And, yeah, some of people who have been around for a long time (I.E Dead Moon, P.I, etc) deserve some respect because this city did have something to offer once aside from tapas, breweries and bike lanes. This city used to be interesting
pdxpaul001, Modest Mouse was hitting up clubs like Satyricon over twenty years ago. Kids these days think they're old farts (because they are). That might not rate with Poison Idea (and no one compares to Dead Moon), but don't throw the old baby out with the bath water. People who think Modest Mouse is pretty neat started arriving in the mid nineties. The dickbird who wrote this does not belong to that demographic.
The "death of Portland" isn't about old music venues closing. It's about the city becoming unaffordable because an underground culture that this city fostered became mainstream through the Internet and Portlandia. And the new people moving here are (rich) consumers of that culture, not producers of it like the past generations of migrants.
Way to go on putting the deluded, egocentric excuse you give yourself for jumping headlong into a purely subjective definition of adulthood on the books as a cultural generality. I wish I knew everyone in an age group well enough to pass judgement on them, as you apparently do. You want a real sign of cultural degeneration in need of change?
Someone values your opinion enough to publish it. That needs to stop.
If people are "mourning the death of Portland," its not because they've aged out of the scene. Maybe, it's because the town has become over run by pseudo intellectual jag off's, who are primarily not from Portland. I left my beloved city because it was no longer mine, it's hard to watch buildings drop and condos go up. I'm not that old...At thirty, I'm not that bitter, I'm not longing for a different time when I was young and with it... The city has changed... Its not generational, its a fact.
Is the string of I, anonymous postings that shit on Portland residents an indication of just how overrun the city is with defensive, upper middle class, consumers that are freshly moved to the city? Survey says...
Actually, there has been many, many more I, anonymous's lately shitting on "transplants". I am thinking this is a sign of stuck-in-the-past "natives" (meaning lived here for more than 5 years, by most of their standards) chest pounding and not having a clue about what is driving this change.

Yes, the city has changed, but it isn't anything specifically unique to Portland. Your real bitch is with the country's cities, cost of living and growing economy in general. And even more specifically, with the country-wide trend of people favoring close-in living. Every growing city is significantly more expensive than it was 5 or 10 years ago, and the increasingly technology enabled economy is largely the driver of this and the "pseudo intellectual jag offs" who have higher paying than average jobs and want to live close-in. It is ridiculous to think that some TV show on a boutique network like IFC had anything to do with Portland's changes. Nobody sees a shitty episode of portlandia and thinks "pack the damned bags".

Yes, change sucks 99% of the time, especially when it happens fast. People are being put in very difficult situations and the government needs to look for reasonable ways to increase our affordable housing stock and fast. This will only do so much for a lucky few, though. Let's not also lose sight of the fact that overall, the growth of the city, its production of higher paying jobs, the increased spending & tax revenue that brings, the investment in our many 100+ year close-in homes and other buildings that it drives......is all a net positive for the city over the long-term.

It blows that one can't live the "dream" on a bike messenger's salary in Portland anymore, but did you really think that was going to last forever in what was for a long time one of the last largely undiscovered (relative to SF, Seattle, LA) and well-located cities on the west coast? And no, it hasn't only been discovered because of the self-labeled creative class building this badass city that is now attracting all these filthy transplants. In reality, all the filthy transplants could care less about the band you were in in the mid-90's.....they move here for the growing food scene (which is supported by disposable income), beer and wine scene (also supported by disposable income), convenient and charm-filled close-in neighborhood layout, access to the outdoors, and - yes - relatively affordable rent and super affordable buying market compared to other major west coast cities. Yes, believe it or not, a $500k bungalow in a desirable neighborhood in PDX would be double to triple that in many areas of SF and even Seattle.

If you want to place blame, look toward the state and local government who didn't have the foresight to implement rent control in the 80's or 90's (although we all see how well that works in San Fran and LA on the whole!). Mostly though, blame a growing economy, technology, education, and the fact that "intellectual jag off" careers just happen to be well paying....and these Jagoff's happen to find the same parts of the country and same neighborhoods desirable as you. It really isn't that difficult to grasp, even if you put your ridiculous xenophobic conspiracy theories aside.

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