Listen, you bearded, self-important pricks: Enough crap-ass noise music. It is not the new "punk rock." You simply can't play instruments. You have big heads (and beards), yet little talent. I'm sorry, your shit smells like shit. In case you don't know, shit stinks. That is why we flush it down the toilet. "Fuck nostalgia"? How can anyone be nostalgic about a time during which they were not alive? Piece of shit cacophonous noise makes hippie jam bands sound like a viable option for listening, and that is intolerable. So, my advice to you is: Pull your heads out of each other's asses, maybe plug something INTO your mixer instead of plugging it into itself, practice for a while, and maybe actualize a decent piece of art. You bitch-ass motherfuckers should step off, and let someone who actually spent some time doing something sincere jump on. Enough mutual ass licking—lets hear some good sounds. Keep practicing—you might make something that is worth a fuck someday. Oh yeah, and punk rock is just as antiquated as anything else.—Anonymous