Kalah Allen

I hate you, you fuckin' tweakers! You come into my girl's bar acting weird as hell, give her a hard time when she's busy, and never tip her. Losers! Hey, asshole, remember last week when you tried to short her 50 cents and made rude remarks to her about her ass? Well, when you turned to face my friend, I put my finger up my a-hole and rubbed the edge of your glass right before your next big swig of beer. Remember when you asked the dude next to you if your glass smelled like doo-doo? He lied. That was my buddy, and so were all the other people who saw the whole thing and were laughing at you! You will never get a piece of real ass, but you got real close by way of my booty-hole finger. Instead of PBR and crank, you should buy some teeth and a life. You will know who I am next time you see me, I'll be the one offering you gum, ca-ca breath.—Anonymous