Kalah Allen
You don't know me but I sat in front of you for hours. We were on a packed train up from Eugene and I had to listen to you and your gutter-Tacoma-trashmouth talking about how much your boyfriend loves you and how he is going to buy you a ring (he should, you're already knocked up). Just after we left Portland, the train was delayed for about one hour. That's when you made a bad situation worse. You wouldn't stop whining like a spoiled bitch about how this boyfriend who idolizes you was now going to be pissed off for having to wait to pick up your FAT ASS--YOU ARE PATHETIC!. All the while, the very busy conductor was taking time to politely apologize to you, still referring to you as ma'am, even though you didn't deserve it. As time went by you started to brag to your hoochie-mama friend about how you didn't buy a ticket and that the conductor never checked. Well, what you don't know is that when I got off in Olympia, I had just enough time to tell the conductor that you thought you were going to get a free ride... his only response was "OH, she does." The beauty of this story is that I didn't have a ticket either, but unlike you, I've learned to keep my mouth shut.--Anonymous