Kalah Allen
I have a monster in my head. The abnormal cells that constitute the tumor growing on my pituitary gland are not cancerous, but if these little mutants are allowed to continue developing, one day I will wake up blind. You are the highly recommended neurosurgeon who was supposed to kill the monster. Now you are just another spineless crook who gives the entire health-care system a poor reputation. You see, most health-care professionals are in the business to heal people; their concern is not method of payment, it's the patient's wellness. You aren't a bad doctor, you simply adopted an unethical billing policy and neglected to inform me of this action until the virtual hour before my appointment. Despite the fact that I've worked in this state for several years and therefore have contributed to the funding of public health assistance myself, your new policy is to refuse payments from the Department of Health and Social Services. I don't know why you regard money from one source as acceptable and the equivalent amount of money from another source as unacceptable, but I am glad that I never gave you the opportunity to cut me open.--Anonymous