Kalah Allen
When Lesbians Go Bad

This is to you three punk ass bitches from the show last night. I don't know how you can consider yourself to be alternative, lesbian "activists," when your tolerance for people who don't fit your standard of cool is lower than that of a rich, elitist golf club. You think that girls who aren't pierced, wearing tribal tattoos, and who don't lick pussy deserve to be made fun of for laughing and having a good time? Well, I don't! I sat and watched you roll your eyes, heard your snide comments, and then had to sit through the uncomfortable silence that followed after you decided to scream at and humiliate the girls across from us. You make me sick. I happen to know and love those girls, and the maturity, happiness, and intelligence that they have is something you could only fantasize about from your fucked up seventh grade perspective. It's a real shame that people turn out to support such a good cause (music and some kids who need help), and people like you have to give it such a fucked up vibe. It really made me ill. I hope when you're old, your stretched earlobes droop, your septum sags, and that you look so shitty that there won't be a dyke in town who'd fuck you!--Anonymous