Kalah Allen
The Sweetest Bus Driver Ever

You saw the bus coming and started running for it, waving and yelling, but it went right past the bus stop. Why? Because I don't have time in my schedule to wait for every moron who can't be at the stop in time for the bus. On some trips, I have six minutes before I leave again, and in that time I have to change the signs and transfers, clean the filth you fucking slobs leave on the bus, and if I'm lucky, use the bathroom. When you finally do get on the bus, you decide it's time to start looking for your fare while complaining that the bus is late. The bus is late because of the last 20 assholes that, just like you, don't know how to ride public transit! And if you don't have any money... WALK! I'll kick your sorry ass off of the bus before I'll chauffeur you around town for free. Oh yeah, and if you think telling me that you lost your transfer will get you some sympathy, think again, asshole! Pay your fare and I'll give you another one. But God forbid I say anything to somebody who isn't white, because that makes me a racist.--Anonymous