Movie-goer, go home!

I work at a movie theatre, and I have a few complaints for all you Portland movie-goers out there.

I'm so sick and tired of hearing the same joke hundreds of times a day. Example: You're seeing the next, lame Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and you decide it would be really clever if you asked for your tickets with a lame Arnold impersonation. I CAN ONLY HUMOR YOU PEOPLE SO MANY TIMES. And then you have the nerve to insult my sense of humor because I don't laugh.

When there are 20+ people standing in line at the box office--DO NOT do any of the following: wait until the last minute to get your money out, ask me to tell you all the show times (which are posted right above you), decide not to go, or let your snot-nosed brat of a kid take five minutes to ask for the tickets. If you have ever done any of these things please, please, please, don't bitch about how long the lines are.

A lot of box-offices have a suction that's created by the air pressure in the small closed space, which in turn lifts the money off the counter and sends it flying inside the box-office. Any good cashier has learned to live with this and becomes pretty good at catching the money. But it never fails to entertain you, so you decide to put $15 in ones down individually and send the cashier chasing after the money while you stand there and laugh. It's not that funny and frankly its pretty fucking rude, so quit doing it. Why should I have to suffer just because you're easily amused by primitive science?--Anonymous