Kalah Allen
You have all violated the spirit of punk!

To the large group of "punks" who assaulted me at the show last week: I hope that your cowardly gangbang will at least provide an occasion to do a little soul-searching regarding who you are and what you truly stand for. If you think that you are against violence, then you are sadly fooling yourselves. For those of you who saw me only kick the lead singer, you need to realize that he just hurled a book into my face at close range. I chose the wrong path, I admit it, but I did not hit that hard. It was more of a message. And to the woman who then shoved me: If you shove people, don't be so surprised when you get the same back. You all persisted long after any need to "subdue" me. There is not a single person who left that club injured, but me. There was no "justice" in it. You have all violated the spirit of punk, as I knew it. I have participated in many a mosh pit and never seen such an act of mob cruelty. I can only hope that your consciences might have kept you awake as long as my inability to turn over in bed or to breathe freely has. One final note: Even though you ugly trolls don't deserve it, I will continue to be one of the community of strangers watching your back and stepping in to help when things get out of hand in the pit. --Anonymous