To the girl who's fucking that OHSU employee in front of my house. Have you NO shame?!?! I don't know where you work, but it's obvious where he works 'cause of the telltale sticker on the back window. We see you every day... wait--let me rephrase that--EVERYONE sees you every day. Both of you pull up in his car and make out for hours--then you climb in the backseat and start fucking. Jesus Christ! How old do you think you are? Don't you care that the whole world can see you? Don't you care that there are little kids playing all around the neighborhood? Doesn't it make you feel cheap that some ugly ass guy in a crappy car wants to fuck you on the street? That loser ain't even cute. After a while you manage to separate yourselves, and you get in your car and drive off. He drives off in the opposite direction. What happens if someone follows you home and tells your boyfriend/husband/parents that you are a SLUT? And my biggest question is... why do you want to fuck some guy who's too cheap to spring for a motel room?--Anonymous