Kalah Allen
Dear Taco Bell Management

I believe that at my favorite Taco Bell, my purchases are not being entered into the register. Furthermore, many times an employee (usually the same gentleman) seems to be pocketing the total amount exchanged during our transactions. I am unaware of this gentleman's name, but I have described him to a manager on duty.

For example, this evening, I took the liberty of asking for a receipt after receiving my purchase. The gentleman then rang up my purchase at almost two dollars cheaper than the original total I was given. Moreover, the price-checking screen that is shown below the window was drastically incorrect--and in previous experiences, it has been completely blank. When I asked for a receipt, I was given a receipt for a purchase made a half-hour previous, which reflected items I had not ordered. This receipt was dollars under the total I was given. So, I took the liberty of driving through again. This time, I asked for a receipt, and requested that it reflect the items I had both ordered and received. On this occasion, I received almost two dollars in refund with an actual receipt.

I would like to frequent this Taco Bell again. It's convenient and has become part of my workweek. I appreciate any assistance in clearing up this issue!

Warmest Regards--Anonymous