Kalah Allen

I am the blind guy with a dog partner walking down the street. You are the misguided moron who thinks that because I can't see, I am totally unobservant. Yes, he is a beautiful, well-trained dog. Yes, he is the biggest his school has ever produced. I love my dog and respect his training. That is why I don't feed him treats. When you walk down the street and pet my dog as you walk by, do you realize you are completely fucking him up? He has specific training to act as my guide, and when you treat him like a dog on a leash it totally confuses him. I can feel it when you pet my dog, and I can tell when people are trying to distract him with treats. Do you realize that by giving my dog a treat or distracting him, you are putting my life and his in danger? Obviously not, because you become irate when I kindly ask you to stop doing these things. Another thing, when my dog partner misbehaves and I must give him a leash correction to let him know he has done something wrong, don't come up and tell me that I am mistreating my dog! This is how I was trained to handle him, so mind your own fucking business, leave us alone, and let us work!--Anonymous