Get off my girl, dawg!

To all the various non-Aryan guys out there, STOP TRYING TO PICK UP ON MY GIRLFRIEND! Because I'm dark skinned, and she's quite light, you think you have license to make your silly high school moves as soon as I turn my back. Here's a light bulb with the switch turned on for ya: She's not interested in any of you! As people, maybe, but not when you start your Rico Suave impersonation and start slobbering all over her, which seems to be the case every time we go out to a club. Maybe you see yourself in my position and just can't help thinking how nice it would be to get your hands on her milky white size 36Ds, but approaching a woman with that attitude will most likely get you a condescending smile at best, more deservedly a smack in the head. Yeah, she's a babe, but not a child, so grow up, act like a real man, and get a life. We're together because we have a lot in common, I treat her with respect and rock her world in bed, you might try doing the same with the women you meet and maybe then you can start leaving us alone.--Anonymous