Wanna Job? Suck My Johnson

I got laid again last night. How, you ask? At my company, I work in human resources. One recent evening, I mulled over two resumes on expensive paper, and my power dirtied my soul. Two candidates stood at the crossroads--two beautiful applicants eagerly smiling at me in exchange for the job, and then subsequent interviews confirmed that one applicant had further charms that were mine for the taking. Now, I give women another "interview" every chance I get. I still follow the legal matters--I won't select you based on sex, race, disability, marital status, etc. I'll select based on how bad you really want the job. And I know how badly you want it, because the job market encourages you to demonstrate it on a continual basis. This power is turning me on again so much that I need to do an interview, and perhaps it will be yours. Ha! I'm in control of your life!--Anonymous