Sometimes I drink a lot, but I have never blacked out like I did the other night. In retrospect, I did hit the bourbon a bit hard. I must've decided I was too drunk to be at the club, so I left. I don't know where I walked or for how long, but I woke up in the morning, not knowing how I got home. You, the random cab driver, picked me up and found the number of a friend of mine in my address book. When you called her, you told her I was lost in "a bad part of town." She told me later that you, Mr. Cabdriver, found me barely able to walk or communicate. I apparently couldn't tell you where I lived or if I had any money. You got directions to my house from my friend. My wallet was empty in the morning, so I figure I paid you something. Thanks for taking care of me; I've always thought of cab drivers as people who are going to try to rip me off by taking the long way. You earned enough respect from me for every cabbie I ever tip.--Anonymous