Kalah Allen

So you've gone and gotten yourself knocked up by an unemployed, personality disordered alcoholic; too bad I've been with him for the last seven years. Why would you have fucked him when he was already (for all intents and purposes) married? Seriously, I thought I was stupid for being with him, but you really take the cake. At least I had the common sense to use contraception, because I insist on a sober, employed, emotionally stable father for my as-yet-unborn children. Apparently, you're too fucking selfish or fucked up yourself to have had an abortion. How pathetic. In all rationality, I should be grateful for you providing the impetus for me to leave a largely miserable situation, but I still feel violated by you and betrayed by him. Loser that he is, he does not deserve me. Slut that you are, you deserve every ounce of the misery that is guaranteed befall you by procreating with this man. Often times, I felt ashamed for being with him. Clearly you have no fucking shame. Have a nice life girlfriend. I wish you all the worst. --Anonymous