Kalah Allen

Sure, I notice your judgmental stares when I stroll into the office at 11. And I actually do intend to stay a full eight hours when I come in, but I am pretty much bored of work by about 4:00. SO I LEAVE... even if I took a two-hour lunch. I know that you're all hourly and have deep resentments towards salaried folks who take advantage of "flex hours." And I sometimes think about feeling guilty that I actually negotiated my salary prior to being hired, and make more than twice as much as most of you, plus extra benefits that no one else gets. But then I don't. Then I go back to browsing the internet all day.

Am I taking advantage of being a college-educated white male? Sure! Is it a striking example of sexism that most of you are 40-something women, making an hourly salary of $11, where I am a 20-something male, getting over 50 grand a year, whether I come to work four hours a day or 12? YES! Am I going to feel personal guilt for the system that enables this? HELL NO. Am I going to pay any heed to your looks as I stroll in late with my tan, because I took off a day and spent it enjoying life outside? FUCK NO!--Anonymous