Kalah Allen
You answered my personal ad and offered me cash in exchange for sexual favors. You're middle-aged, flabby, and married. I'm unemployed, and really needed the money. It's not something I ever thought I would do, but I'm desperate, so I agreed. We had sex (you had to take two Viagra). Then, when I was in the bathroom, you opened my purse and stole the money you'd given me. I admit to being a fool not to watch you every minute. But your stupidity is staggering; you put your REAL NAME on your profile. So, with a minimum of internet research, I now know your name, your wife's name, your phone number (which includes access to your wife's voicemail), your address, and where you work. You think the sex wasn't worth $200? How much is your marriage worth to ya? Dumbass.--Anonymous