Kalah Allen
Yesterday, I went to the hearing for the restraining order placed on me. It was a tough, shitty week, and I had to find a last minute lawyer who then didn't show up, due to an illness. My ex-girlfriend filed an order on me, after I filed one on her, and she thought she could win the order by accusing me of a rape I did not commit. Walking in the courtroom, her friends next to her gave me the old stare down, which I returned, but with a face of honesty; they didn't know their friend was a liar. Since my lawyer had all my documents and paperwork, the only thing I could do is defend myself. In the end, my ex-girlfriend pretty much got the order, like the rich bitch that she is. She started to tell her story, and put on a big lying/crying act, during which tears were not present. Her lawyer then went out of her way to go retrieve a garbage pail for her to puke in and said, "Sorry your Honor, she gets sick when she has to talk about this." After telling her story, she immediately was perky again. I don't want anything bad to happen to her, and I don't want to see her life get all fucked up. But no one should ever call rape when it never happened. Now I have "potential rapist" on my record, thanks to this lovely individual.--Anonymous