Kalah Allen
What the hell is the matter with you? Why can't I just go out to a club on Halloween and have fun? I was minding my own, enjoying the festivities with my friends, and dancing. Little did I know I'd have to worry about YOUR date-raping ass sticking GHB in our drinks!!! Okay, in retrospect I will concede that me falling off of the stage in my Barbie costume and having my falsies pop out was probably pretty hilarious. But man, is it really worth it? I ended up smeared on the sidewalk, and some cop came by and tried to slap some sense into me. Then my boyfriend freaked and literally had to drag me away. I felt like crap all weekend. I also incurred a bunch of bruises and several other minor injuries. So, maybe YOU think it's funny!!?? Oh, or maybe you think it's going to get you LAID!!?? Well, it's not, so FORGET it. I would never sleep with someone who slipped me a date rape drug--it's NOT worth it!!--Anonymous