After our last encounter, I feel obligated to give you a few tips. I'm not trying to be mean, and I don't think you're an asshole. Asshole? Come on--you're a complete fucking retard!!! Case in point: children who've just had brain surgery are emotionally fragile, and don't like being told they look like mummies. (Mummies?!) Okay, then you barfed all over yourself at a company dinner--and cleaned yourself up with other people's napkins. Why not leave the table? Are you trying to be gross? Your old friend from back home might still associate with you if you weren't constantly obsessing about the "good old days." Your only adult ex-girlfriend might talk to you if you weren't such an idiot with women. Example: If you ask a pregnant woman what it's like to be pregnant and she says, "Well, it's definitely weird," the appropriate response is NOT, "Yeah, well obviously you're not very happy about it." So to recap--grow spine, develop personality, maybe sense of humor, join human race. Good luck!--Anonymous