Farm boys, you could've had it all! We picked you up for a reason, you know. We wanted some clean-cut, drug free dick! You probably thought it was strange for a group of gorgeous girls to suddenly scoop you up and take you to a New Year's after-party. But you ruined our plan! We wanted to sit on some hard dicks! We were even going to make a video! But NO, you two dumbfucks couldn't handle it! Stupid little boys! Stupid, stupid, stupid! You must have known your friends wouldn't believe you'd met us, and that's why you stole our photos off the fridge, but if you'd been COOL, you would have FUCKED ALL OF US! Luckily, one of you started puking, giving me an excuse to kick your numb-nutted asses out. My New Year's resolution: leave all fantasies of dumb, stiff farm boys with names like Bud and Earl as fantasies. See, now you've ruined it for everyone else, too! Stupid, stupid, stupid!--Anonymous