Kalah Allen

Please, for the sake of civic sanity and the safety of all, I urge everyone to take a vow: NO MORE chronic sniffling in public! Let's all deal responsibly with the winter and rain, which sometime causes our noses to run when we come inside from the cold. I mean holy shit motherfuckers, don't just stand there playing yo-yo with your handfuls of snot! I'm aghast at how many members of our society I've witnessed who apparently refuse to grow up, blow their damn noses and be done with it. C'mon, at least while you're in the library or the post office!! If you don't have anything handy, just use your sleeve! Here, for chrissakes, you can even use my sleeve if you have to! But please don't allow yourself to just sit there sniff-sniff-sniffling all day long, boiling the blood of the upright, God- and flu-fearing citizens of our fair town. Unless you're disabled or a very small child--then I guess it's okay.--Anonymous