Singin' The Crackhead Blues

Here I sit, waiting for my turn. I bought $20 of rock and it's almost gone. Doesn't seem to be working. I remember the first time; it was the greatest rush I've ever felt. I only felt that once or twice. I think I'm smoking it wrong. It's been over a year and that high is still gone. Every time I buy some, it seems like a waste.

This place is dirty. Carpet's stained, and it's always dark and smoky. How cliché. I come over three times a week to score. Sometimes I just smoke it here and sometimes there's strangers smoking on the couch. Some look like junkies and others look completely normal. Some are nice and talkative; others are spaced out, looking in the carpet for a fallen rock.

I need to stop smoking this shit. I've spent way too much on rock, with nothing to show for it. I could've gone on vacation with the amount of money I've spent here. Fuck their dirty apartment. Wait, maybe if I take the flame off a little sooner next time, I'll feel the high. Ok, one more time and then I'm done. --Anonymous