Kalah Allen
Balls, MIA

What's the deal? I am a very attractive single woman who is interested in finding a fuck friend, boyfriend, future husband, or whatever. But where are you? It seems like a generation ago a man would approach a woman, strike up a conversation, and ask her out for a drink--but not anymore. What happened? Where are your balls? I know, I know, women's lib and all. But the fact is, women want to go out, maybe meet someone nice to fuck--or continue to see and fuck--and not have to go to sleazy bars for it. Come on, don't be shy. That cutie on the #8, the foxy barista down the street, the cute and hopefully single mom you ran into at the market, all want to go out with you! They smile back flirtatiously, don't they? The catch is that they want you to ask. Is that too much? Man up! The worst thing that could happen is they might say no. So what? Move on and ask someone else out--you just might get laid. Enough of all of this shy "I don't have the confidence crap." Ask already!--Anonymous