Hair Lip, Not Herpes!

Just writing to say thanks to everyone for the awesome harassment I receive on a daily basis. I was born with a hair lip, so I'm the guy with a whitish scar traveling north to south down the center of my upper lip. Because of this, I am continuously treated like a freak. I am sick and tired of explaining to people that it is not cancer, herpes, or some other horrible ailment. My condition is caused by geneticsÉ yeah, did you hear me--GENETICS!!! That means that if you ever have a child there is a chance that it could be born with this horrible facial feature, too. This town is supposedly known for its educated, open-minded people, however I beg to differ. Based on all the ignorance and discrimination I seem to come across everyday, I'd like to offer a word of advice. If you're worried about STD's, then please get yourself educated because the amount of ignorance out there is high. I mean a hair lip scar looks nothing like a herpes sore. And, despite all the hating on and ignorance, I'd like to say that I don't need your pity 'cuz I'm still getting fucked!--Anonymous