Kalah Allen
Lower Education

Just what makes you professors think it's okay to sit together in the college bar, bragging about all the students you've fucked? Do you really think that none of the other students sitting chockablock beside you notice? We don't want to hear about who you've poked, fucked, cornholed, or otherwise violated! Goddamn it makes it difficult to pay attention to you during lectures! And I can't believe I actually have to suggest this to my supposed intellectual superiors, but perhaps if you want to talk about your students so crudely, you should not do it in the CAMPUS HANGOUT, you unsubtle bastards!! And to all you stupid little freshman girls who are letting your English or Philosophy professors do the poking, fucking, and cornholing.... What the FUCK do you want? A better grade? Or do you just want to be bragged about in excruciating detail among the other professors, and within earshot of your fellow students? Think about that next time you're uncrossing your legs in class, fucking morons. --Anonymous