Casual, Sexual Fridays

Hey coworker boys! Have you figured out why you feel so horny on Friday mornings yet? Well, it might be because I come in early to the office every Friday, wet my fingers in my pussy juices, and then start the coffeepot. I also pass my fingers across your keyboards, telephones, and copy machine start buttons. It's really a riot to see you come crawling in, still half-sleepy, and dying for fresh coffee. As you serve yourselves, an unusual, yet familiar scent triggers the part of your brains that makes you horny. It is so funny to see you arranging yourselves in your pants, puzzled and sniffing around, trying to figure out what's going on. That scent must follow you all day, while you're sitting at your desks, answering your phones, making copiesÉ On Horny Fridays (that's what I like to call them) I laugh secretly all day long, trying to guess whether your little male brains are ever going to figure out why you feel so darn horny every Friday morning. Sound familiar? Think about it. --Anonymous